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How the bees help the flowers make our food!

Honeybees collect pollen which they use for food. You may have seen the bees in your yard or a park when you were younger and noticed the little specks of something on the bee's legs. This was pollen. Many people eat bee pollen everyday.The pollen is different colors because it comes from different types of flowers that have different colors of pollen. The pollen pictured has been cleaned and dried.

We are not currently harvesting or selling bee pollen.

Cleaned and dried pollen is for those people who plan to carry pollen with them as they travel, such as, over-the-road drivers. This pollen does not require refrigeration and is not easily mashed together in clumps.

We currently do not sell these books but you can get them at your local library or purchase them from a book dealer.

Bee Pollen and Your Health by Carlson Wade

BEE POLLEN Nature's Miracle Health Food by Linda Lyngheim & Jack Scagnetti

Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey by Rita Elkins