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Swarm and Honeybee Removal Services

We do offer a honeybee swarm and nest removal service.

Swarm Removal

If you have a swarm of honeybees that you would like to have removed from your property please give us a call 636-629-5814 and we will see if we can help with your situation. Is there a fee - Yes and it is dependent upon how far you are located from us and how difficult the swarm removal is.

Things we will want to know about the swarm:

Swarm Traps

If you know that there are honeybees in your area (you notice honeybees on the flower) or if you have had swarms before you may want to consider having us place a swarm trap on your property. We normally locate these up in trees about 8-12 feet off the ground. You would take a look at the trap every few days and give us a call or send us an email if you notice honeybees entering and exiting the swarm trap. We normally put swarm traps out in April and May then we remove them in July and August. If you are within 35 miles of our location the cost is $50.00 for the first trap and $25.00 for each additional trap located on your property.

Bee nest removal from buildings

We sometimes remove bees from buildings. The process is not usually easy or cheap but we usually can save the honeybees and get most of the honey and comb out of the building. If the process requires a mason to cut open rockwork or fire places or a carpenter to cut open drywall or woodwork it is the property owner's responsibility to have someone with those skills on hand when we arrive to remove the bees.