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When you come to our farm you will notice that there are some weeds in places. That is because we do not use herbicides on our crops. We use mulch and various types of cover to attempt to keep weeds from coming up in unwanted places. Some of the weeds that we have an abundance of are common milkweed. These plants bloom at the same time our blueberries are ready to pick. The fragrance of these flowers is often noticeable from several rows away. Many types of insects are attracted to the flowers and monarch butterfly larva feed on these plants. We saw our first monarch butterflies in mid April as they were heading north.

We do not apply pesticides to our plants. Because of that there are many insects out in the berry patch.

As you are picking you may notice small conical depressions in the sawdust. These are the work of the ant lyon larva.

We have even found salamanders out in the berry patch.

We have seen a number of caterpillars over the years.

This moth hatched from a cocoon that we found out in the blueberry patch.